Installation and removal of basin faucet
  • Date:2022-01-13
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Basin faucet is one of the most commonly used hardware at home, because it is also easy to have problems when it is often used. Once the faucet has problems, it will inevitably be disassembled or even repaired and replaced. After confirmation, it will involve the installation process. In fact, the installation and disassembly of basin faucet are relatively simple, but many people still don't understand the specific operation steps. This article will introduce the installation and disassembly of a basin faucet.

Installation part:
1. Take out the packaged basin faucet and check whether the accessories are complete before use. Before installation, clean the area around the installation port to ensure that there is no dirt in the water supply pipe and keep the water inlet pipe clean. If you don't want to scratch the faucet, pay attention to wear gloves during installation.
2. Remove the rubber washer from the faucet of the basin, insert the water inlet pipe and tighten it. When the first inlet hose passes through the threaded joint, the inlet end of the second inlet hose passes through the threaded joint and has been screwed into the air inlet. During installation, pay attention to the control direction and uniform stress, and then tighten the screw joint.
3. Put the two water inlet hoses into the rubber pad, cover and tighten the lock nut of the fixed faucet, and then tighten the sleeve. The positions of the two inlet hoses and angle valve joints shall be tightened respectively, but it is better not to use too much force to avoid deformation or torsion. So three steps, the basin faucet is installed.

The above steps are for installing the basin faucet. Next, explain the disassembly steps:
1. Separate the water inlet pipe from the hose with a wrench. It is necessary to control the force component. It is not good if the pipe is broken accidentally. If the water inlet pipe at home is an open pipe, you can hold the water pipe with one hand and screw it with a wrench with the other hand, so it is more convenient to separate.
2. Remove the firmware of the fixed basin faucet, so that you can easily take the faucet. Usually, this process is very simple, but if the basin has been used for a long time, the hose will be brittle, or the position of the firmware has been rusted, the removal process is more troublesome. You can drop a few drops of oil on the rusty place and turn on the tap. If you can't unscrew it, try sawing off the rusty part with a saw, and then screw off the faucet.

The above are the problems related to the installation and disassembly of basin faucet. I hope this paper can be helpful.


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