PERFECTION Comes From The Details.

A bathroom is more than just a place to wash-up-it's a personal retreat where you can soak away your cares. DIEN exclusive line of faucets and accessories, from hard-to-find reproductions to sleek, modern design, makes it easy to find your ideal way to relax.

Feel smooth
Dien product unique faucet handle the valve to allow fluid has a perfect touch. It spool is advanced ceramic alloy in a completely sealed environment made,With lubricious coating. And take a unique design Shidao lubricious coating to cover the ceramic disc. Other, Each spool and handle faucet installation, I use a torque wrench, Dien produced to ensure that each has the same cozy feel.
Dien product design effectively combines ergonomics, Operation and use of the product resulting in more accurate and comfortable. Whether you wash or shower, you will enjoy the perfect water process.
Easy Installation
All the Dien products are used innovative installation accessories, Shidao vanities and countertops and other Caipen faucet and simple installation and convenient, Solid and does not come loose.
High quality copper line with international standards, High density, High purity, Can effectively prevent leakage. After plating, Copper looks smooth, Brilliant. The material does not contain toxic impurities and in line with environmental health requirements.
In machining, Welding aspect has mature and advanced manufacturing technology, CNC machining centers imports, Mature technology, Professional and technical personnel, It enables us to produce high-precision requirements of the product.
Sanding and polishing, Acid copper plating、Nickel and chromium, Then neutral and acid salt spray test to ensure that the coating by the use of corrosion-resistant and durable, So that Meijianchanpin smooth, Shiny and durable common.
Dien leading imported Taocifaxin. Stable and durable quality, Operating temperature 1ºC to 90ºC, 3.5MPA withstand high-pressure test, No deformation and cracking, And feel smooth, Life switch 500,000 times.
Water shape
Spout and the valve is a critical part of the overall performance of the leading, We use the best quality net mouth, Make Dien faucet spout to bring you gentle bubbling water, and can control the flow of water straight lines, Stabilized, adequate foaming, also reduce spatter, No side spray. Each tap of water have been strictly controlled QC’s.
Quality Control
Manufactured products will go through a series of tests, As component analysis of the material, Component testing, Process synchronization check, Check circular shape faucet whether the rules, High、Low pressure leak test, The maximum and minimum flow test, Withstand strength test valve and the main components, Green Health Test, Water shape detection, Handle testing, To ensure that every product is perfect.


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